Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Shikhman utilizes a result-oriented eclectic approach to psychotherapy by incorporating elements of various clinically proven treatment modalities. She draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as from existential and biological/evolutionary models.

Dr. Shikhman provides treatment for problems with adjustment, anxiety, and depression. Individual therapy is optimal for clients who are suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety, experiencing emotional distress during a transitional period, searching for positive ways to change their circumstances or disruptive habits, and aspire to move forward with their lives.

Dr. Shikhman’s training as a neuropsychologist additionally provides her with a unique skill set in working with clients who have a combination of various neurological conditions, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), history of stroke and mild cognitive impairment, and concurrent psychological and adjustment problems. Dr. Shikhman offers support to family members and caregivers of clients with various neurological conditions, including Attention Defficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dementia, head trauma, and other pervasive medical conditions.

As the individual needs of various age groups may differ, Dr. Shikhman provides unique treatment to her diverse demographic to assist each client in a way that uniquely targets their specific circumstances:

Adolescents: Helping to cope with the transition from childhood into adulthood; managing to safely and effectively separate from parents and accept increasing adult responsibilities; dealing with insecurities and changing self-image.

Adults: Helping to accept and deal with life changes, including dating, marriage, interpersonal stress, children, changing jobs and/or careers, balancing work and family; managing anxiety associated with perceived lack of security; managing questions of self-esteem and achievement, and coping with financial pressure.

Seniors: Helping to accept and deal with changes related to retirement, coping with grief over the loss of loved ones, enduring feeling of abandonment related to grown children or deceased spouses, coping with decline of health, reduced mobility and activities; and managing feelings of worthlessness and depression.

Dr. Shikhman accepts Medicare.

Individual psychotherapy is offered in English and Russian.