Brief Psychotherapy

Dr. Shikhman offers several structured, time-limited, results-oriented psycho-educational programs. These programs offer fast, cost-efficient treatment options by teaching effective psychological skills and strategies to clients. These programs are available via phone, video-conferencing or in person.

Unlike traditional therapy, in which the therapeutic process is pursued at the client’s pace, incorporating the client’s feedback and addressing ongoing issues as part of the treatment, psycho-educational programs progress over a predetermined course and follow a predetermined schedule. In these programs, events that occur or have occurred in a client’s life are discussed only in context of the skills being discussed.

Highly motivated and goal-oriented clients are likely to derive greatest benefits from such programs, since effectiveness of the psycho-educational program depends on the client’s own willingness to implement the skills and strategies that they learn into his or her own life. Dr. Shikhman supplies her clients with all relevant materials, such as handouts and other resources.

Dr. Shikhman offers the following programs:

Single Day Intensive Stress And Anxiety Management

Intensive Stress And Anxiety Management program consists of four 30-minute sessions delivered within one day. Clients are provided with basics of stress and anxiety management, complete with relevant handouts and practical assignments.  The goal of the treatment is to equip the client with skills necessary to feel calmer and more in control in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

Coping Strategies and Stress Management

The Coping Strategies and Stress Management program consists of five 45-minute sessions, in which the focus is on managing anxiety and stress. Dr. Shikhman and the client explore ways to identify the daily stressors and unnecessary anxiety, and discover various techniques to substitute them with healthy, goal directed habits and practices. The goal of the treatment is to bring balance, harmony and sense of well-being back into life.

Making Decisions and Getting What You Want

The Making Decisions and Getting What You Want program consists of seven 45-minute sessions, which center around determining the client’s primary goals and learning the skills needed to achieve them. In these sessions, Dr. Shikhman and the client discover motivational techniques and communication skills, enhance organizational and planning practices, and improve decision-making tactics.